About This Girl


 I’m just a girl, out to meet every city in the world and become well acquainted.

I am a fashion designer gone rogue, Editor in Chief of two publishing companies, the founder of a tailoring school in rural Uganda, a dog lover, a popcorn hater and a wanna-be novelist.

I currently live in Pune, India with my husband.  Yes, it is true, I finally caught one!  We like to spend our weekends getting into mischief, hiking and exploring rural areas  in India, traveling Asia, and deciding on what country to conquer next in our lives.

I have a BFA from Indiana University East in Communications, I graduated with a 4.0 from Chatham University with a Masters of Professional Writing with a Web Content Development Concentration, and I will finish my International Life Coach License in March of 2016. I am specializing in Behavior Change, largely due to my  personal 15-year struggle with dermatilomania.

Girl Vs.City started out as the fashionista’s Bear Grillis.  I wanted to give Man Vs. Wild the boot and teach all of you beautiful ladies how to survive the deadly struggles of the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Shoe Sale or sample day at Kleinfield’s.  Today, I want to use my travels and experiences in the world, paired with my passion for coaching, to show you how to ‘Widen Your World’ and grow in your life.

Please feel free to contact me at {jessicadionnewright} at {g mail} dot com.

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